Uleyli Audiobook Now Available

  Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book): Based on the true story of Florida’s Pocahontas is now available in audiobook format. It can be found for free at libraries through Hoopla and Baker & Taylor Axis 360 as well for purchase from the following e-tailers: https://books.apple.com/us/audiobook/uleyli-princess-pirate-chapter-book-based-on-true-story/id1487742641?mt=11     https://play.google.com/store/audiobooks/details/G_C_Daniels_Uleyli_The_Princess_Pirate_A_Chapter_B?id=AQAAAECsORh5pM       https://www.scribd.com/audiobook/432621052/Uleyli-The-Princess-Pirate-A-Chapter-Book-Based-on-the-true-story-of-Florida-s-Pocahontas

Uleyli audiobook is complete

The audiobook version of my children’s historical fiction book, Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book), is now complete. The audiobook was narrated by voiceover artist, Kae Denino. I chose her out of an audition pool of fiver other voiceover artists. She was chosen because of her unique ability to alter her voice to represent

Audiobook Nears Completion

The audiobook version of my children’s story, Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book), is nearing completion. All of the front matter and individual chapters have been successfully read. Now I’m just waiting on a few additions to the front matter and that will be all-she-wrote. I’m so excited to have this project finally

Audiobook Production Begins on Uleyli (Chapter Book)

Production has finally begun on the audiobook version of my children’s story titled, Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book): Based on the True Story of Florida’s Pocahontas. The first stage is the recording of an extended sample where I can advise the voice over artist in regards to tone, pronunciation, etc. So far,

Getting Reviews for Your Children’s Book

I recently learned that libraries usually only buy books that have been reviewed in national publications aimed at the library market. So I’ve decided to research some of these organizations and send them copies of my book to see if I can get some reviews. I’ve reached out to HistoricalNovelSociety.com, a group that reviews historical

Choosing My Voice Over Artist

FindawayVoices.com, the service I’m using to produce and distribute the audiobook of my children’s book, “Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book)”, has sent me the auditions of my potential voice over artists. Only three out of the five actually decided to audition. Two declined. Unfortunately, one who declined was my daughter’s number one

Time to Audition My Voice Over Artists

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve decided to move forward with an audiobook version of my children’s book, “Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book).” I’m using a service named FindawayVoices.com to handle production and distribution of my audiobook. After filling out a brief survey of what I was looking for in a

Audiobook Version of Uleyli Chapter Book

I’ve decided to re-explore the possibility of creating an audiobook of the chapter book version of Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate. (Months ago I reached out to a prominent Native American actress to do the voiceover but that never went anywhere. So I abandoned the idea.) There are two ways to produce an audiobook. You