I made good progress in creating my story beats or plot in Jessica Brody’s Save the Cat workshop but writing a picture book is a lot harder than it at first seems. So I’ve decided to sign up for a Picture Book Intensive online course given by prolific children’s book editor, Anastasia Suen, to help

The Plot Thickens

Years ago I discovered a screenwriting method called “Save the Cat.” Basically it’s a story theory which many, if not most, Hollywood stories follow. I realized that this method could also be applied to books. So I’m currently using the Save the Cat books and associated software to “beat out” or plot out my story.

Screenplay or Book?

Coming from a film school background, I’m most comfortable writing for that medium. So I’ve decided to consult with a Hollywood producer to see what input and insights they might have regarding my story. This service is called the Insider Strategy Session offered by Voyage Media. They give you a few producers to choose from

The Journey Begins

In the year 2000 I first started researching the ancient Native American civilizations of the Southeastern United States. I was amazed at these ancient earthen pyramid sites that were so similar to Toltec and Mayan sites of Mexico. I was also amazed at the exquisite artwork from pottery to engraved seashells that these ancient civilizations