As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve decided to move forward with an audiobook version of my children’s book, “Uleyli- The Princess & Pirate (A Chapter Book).” I’m using a service named to handle production and distribution of my audiobook. After filling out a brief survey of what I was looking for in a voice over artist, they started the process of gathering five artists to choose from.

I did a little research on each of the artists and noticed one had done voiceover work for the popular kid’s game, Five Nights At Freddies, which happens to be my daughter’s favorite game (and YouTube videos, and books, and t-shirts, etc etc. She’s a true fan.) Needless to say my daughter was super-excited that my audiobook could be voiced by someone she considers “a big deal.”

After listening to their demos I’ve requested that each of the five read a short selection from my book so I can get an idea of how they’ll play the various characters. Having worked with voice over artists in the TV world, I know how different a project can sound based on the “read.” But I’m excited to finally be underway with the process.